The Innovation Center’s main objective is to help students and others be ready for the workplace or to start their own business. The American Campus will provide student with the tools, technology, and support they need to be prepared for a successful career.

Leadership Skills

In additional to their regular coursework in their respective disciplines, TAC students will be required to attend seminars at the TAC Innovation Cennter. These seminars will:

  • Teach TAC students leadership skills.
  • Enhance students communication and job interview skills.
  • Train students to be entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Educate students to be responsible and effective digital citizens.

Career Preparation

The American Campus aims to bridge the gap between education and employment. Helping TAC to fulfill this mission, the Innovation Center will complement students’ formal education by working with businesses, NGOs, and government agencies to:

  • Provide meaningful internships and service opportunities.
  • Offer opportunities to work on real-world projects such as software development to better prepare students for the workplace.
  • Provide career advising.
  • Provide employment opportunities.

American Know-How

The Center will partner with American business, educational entities, and other agencies to:

  • Meet the needs for corporate training to the region.
  • Assist in bringing awareness and providing solutions to regional issues such as the environment, green energy, etc.
  • Sponsor conferences that promote education, entrepreneurship, and use of information Technology.

Business Incubation

The Innovation Center will work with TAC academic partners, local entities, and American businesses to:

  • Identify opportunities for new ventures such as food processing.
  • Provide the training needed for TAC students to be successful entrepreneurs.
  • Provide support to develop new businesses, business strategies, marketing plans, and designing operation excellence.
  • Provide seed-funding to TAC students to start small businesses.

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